Wichita, Kansas

Architect: Klover Architects

Structural engineering analysis, design and detailing of a multi-story, multi-use building with apartments, clubhouse and parking structure. The building totaled approximately 330,000 SF, including parking. Framing for the apartment portions of the building was primarily pre-fabricated wood trusses with plywood deck supported by wood framed bearing walls. The clubhouse and amenities portions required steel framing to support multiple stories of apartments above. The parking structure was below most of the apartments and required an elevated post-tensioned concrete slab to support the apartments above. There was a central courtyard with a pool that required an opening to be left in the post-tensioned slab. A cast-in-place slab was provided at a lower elevation in this area to accommodate the pool. All elevated slabs were supported by cast-in-place columns and walls. All structures were supported on shallow concrete foundations with a rammed aggregate improved subgrade.


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