Bluemont Hotel and Parking Structure

Manhattan, Kansas

Architect:  Action Pact Design

Contractor:  Blue Mountain Contractors, Inc.

Structural engineering analysis, design and detailing of five-story boutique hotel, along with a two-level precast and cast-in-place concrete parking structure that supported a portion of the hotel. The structure was an “L” shape approximately 290′ x 140′ in plan. The entry level was a slab-on-grade with basement for parking garage access. The first elevated level or “podium” level was a structural steel and concrete composite floor system that provided both vertical and lateral support for the next four floors of wood framed structure. Structural steel beam and column framing was utilized for upper level penthouse expanses. The parking structure had an elevated parking deck that was comprised of double-tee panels spanning the short direction of the garage supported by cast-in-place concrete walls. The challenges for this garage included providing a multi-directional sloping deck by sloping the precast panels to interior drains. Additionally, the portion of the garage that supported the hotel required specially designed steel girder trusses that spanned the garage width and supported the five-story hotel. This project was completed using Revit.

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